Quality of our product is number one for Fenben Lab team. With a continuing focus on it, we employ one of the best laboratories in the USA to provide a trustful and undeniable purity results. Main purpose of Fenben Lab is to serve our clients the highest quality product, therefore we continuously improve fenbendazole and adapt the most common quality and purity High- performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analysis.

High-performance liquid chromatography analysis was performed using the Ultimate 3000 HPLC system which is overly sensitive for purity determination of fenbendazole products. The main principle of the HPLC process is that a single compound or mixture is passed in solution through a stationary phase (a column) at high pressure. This results in separation of the components and the elution from column. Purity of Fenben Lab fenbendazole is determined by the ratio of the product to that of the combined impurities is expressed as a percentage (%) purity.

Laboratory details:
Creative Proteomics
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